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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Rumble in the Jungle Play Test

Mike, he who painted so many of the pirate buildings, is running the club convention game this year, Dust Tactics, and he had a play test this past Sunday.  For more photos, go here:
and look under the photos link on the left.  

This is a shot of the table during set up showing the river and ridge I built for Mike's game - or at least those pieces being used for this event.  I built something that will have utility beyond this event (scheduled for several outings at different conventions this year).  Beyond the ridge line is the Flying Saucer crash site, clearly still being built.  Aaron, the modeler has his work cut out to have it ready in less than two weeks but should be pretty cool when he gets it done.
For more pictures of the river, including lots of in process photos, use the link to the left for Steeplechasing Zebras.

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