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Saturday, May 11, 2013


To who, I have no idea.  But someone in the last day brought the viewer total to 10,000 and now it's above that number.  Or at least there have been that many page views.  Nice to know there is steady traffic here.  Must have put a few things of interest.

Were the budget in different shape, I would have placed an order during Rebel Minis recent spring sale.  Oh, well.  Can't be spending money needed for bills on toys.  All that will improve soon.

Hope you all keep enjoying what you find here.  There are still some things to finish painting.  And I haven't forgotten about someday posting some rules here but they need a little tweeking and I need some serious time to do what needs to be done to make that happen.  Not soon, but eventually.
In company with 10,000 views, this makes the 100th post.  Have no idea what that means.

Now get off your computer and go hook up with a real live friend and play with some miniatures.  Or at least paint some!