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Sunday, October 13, 2013

The Marooned Captain's Rescue

I have settled on my scenario basics for my all sea game on Saturday at the ConQuest Avalon convention but weeks away now.  It will only use 8 ships divided between pirates and two nations.  And they'll all be hunting for an infamous pirate captain who was marooned in hopes of getting him to reveal the location of the fabled treasure he is rumored to have buried.  Hope to get photos of the game to post here.  Doubtful, in the extreme, I will have time to add any figures in because of The Great Distraction.

However!  That distraction is quite worthy of your notice.  I am working to enclose our covered patio and will have a space for a permanently setup game table at 5' x 12'.  Also means my car will get to dwell within the garage over winter.  A needed thing.

Land Ho!

That is my Sunday game at ConQuest Avalon, an all land game where all, or at least a lot, of those painted figures will get to strut there stuff.  Looking forward to seeing how that works out.  And I'm not providing any advanced intelligence regarding that game.

Avast there, you lubbers, hoist the main brace, we're in for a blow, sure!