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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Pirate Futures

No, sorry, this is not an investment opportunity.

Rather, rereading about one of the mega games, I've made a firm decision.  Either a pirate game will be focused on sea action.  Or it will be focused on land action.  Trying to do both seems to dilute the effect.  Besides, if there is ship action, no one seems interested in the land action.  But I'm not giving up entirely on having landing actions.  Just have to make that a critical component of victory/success in a game.

And I am also working on improving the towns, probably incorporating into fewer towns to have two or three larger towns.  I'm thinking fewer factions might work better.

I do have some more pirates still to paint including an all female crew.  But that is all down the road a bit as I continue to focus on finishing the French and Indian War and get started on the Old West.  (And maybe make some adjustments in the ACW arena.)

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