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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Surprise the Prize

So, here is the prize list (times two, once for each convention) as of this moment:

Grand prize is a plaque plus an Army Card for Blue Moon, a resin pirate ship, and a crew for the ship!
(this prize is reserved for the best pirate costume)

There is another Army Card by itself, a resin ship by itself, and a crew by itself as prizes.

There are also a number of "just for fun" prizes.  Hoping to add to the swag as time goes on.

As to who is providing the prizes?  Well, sometimes donors prefer to remain anonymous - or semi so -  and I will respect that wish, at least until the conventions when I have permission to reveal more.

For those unfamiliar with the Old Glory army card, it is worth 40% off all purchases for a year from Old Glory, including the Blue Moon ranges (less any restrictions - see their site for more information).  That means that can be a very valuable prize indeed.  If you plan to make $1000 worth of purchases over the year then that card is worth $400.  Pretty nice prize, hey, me hearties?

What with the holidays hard upon us I am limited on time for posting here but I will still try and do at least one post a week until I get more time.

Hard a starboard, you lubbers.

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