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Thursday, December 29, 2011

He Who Rules The Waves

No, no, no...not him.  Davey has an entirely different job in the game - and woebetide if you get on His bad side!

We're talking here about Joe B., our esteemed rules writer who is slaving away over his word processor pounding out witticisms and arcane numerical formulas that somehow result in that mysterious phenomenon.  Shh!  It's called Fun.

Just figured what with showing off all the painted figures and buildings I needed to throw a little "love" his way.  Without Joe and his inimical, pardon, extraordinary rules we'd all be stuck in the mud at low tide.  So, here's to Joe - tilt a jug back and have a slug in his honor.

...if you've the stomach for a broadside...

wait, wait - furious waving of semaphore flags on the horizon - this just in:

That's a link kindly provided by the other Joe showing off the Spanish figures he's been working on.  Saves me having to photo them and get them up.  But I do have others to get in the camera and posted here.  Anybody got a spare time stretcher they aren't using - just in case January 28th sneaks up on me all of a sudden?

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