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Monday, January 2, 2012

Pirate Project unfurls every sail - including the Cap'n's hankie!

It is Monday evening, January 2nd, 2012.  So, Happy New Year!

26 mornings from now is the play test, 48 days after that is the first convention where the game will make its official debut.  Splice the Main Brace, Cat-Man! (he o' the nine tails)  Time to get busy and boil the caulk, scrape the teredo's from the hull, stow the casks of water - and rum! - afore the tide rises and we're off on another adventure in search of a treasure laden prize.  "The Turk, the Arab, and the Spaniard will soon have pennies on their eyes."

Many hundreds upon hundreds of figures are complete, with a couple hundred more nearing completion - and only seven or eight hundred more to go!  The majority of the buildings are done, others nearly so.  The terrain moves along nicely (many an hour devoted this very day) and rapid progress expected (hoped for?)

Photos soon of something not yet seen - the small craft.  Minimum count of watercraft in the game now stands at 62.  And crews for all of them!

Now, about those 32 player positions, lets go over them again.  Each of the national players - British, French, Spanish, and Dutch - have 5 positions: 3 ship captains with crews and the governor and military commander of the colony.  The Pirates have 6 positions: 4 ship captains with crews and the "governor" and the military commander of the "colony."  The natives have 4 positions, the local sub-chiefs, and they, too, have water craft at two per player - just canoes so they need more.  Hold on, that only adds up to 30.  What gives?  Ah, well, there are two "special" player positions that, for now, will go by the code words of "Mana" and "Mayhem."  Mysterious, like the widow on her walk that appears every full moon looking to sea to see if her captain returns.

The Chief Game Master, moi, will be in charge of the natives, the first assistnant, Joe B., will run the pirates.  And each of the assistant game masters will each run a national group.  So, no game master has to run more than six players, most only 5.  That should help keep the action fast and furious.  And all of the game masters have surprises ready to hand - a bit of something running about in their tricorns, if you will.

Wha...what...what was that?  Blimey, is there something amiss with this rum?  Was that a rather oversized tentacle that just waved past the stern window of me cabin?  Aye, time to sober up and stomp about on deck - bloody leg still bothers me.  And I can't scratch the the b**tard!  Ain't been there to scratch these many long years.

Yo ho!


  1. Sounds like you have a great event shaping up. Sucks your out in the mid-west. I live in Florida (the fringe of the pirates) and this would be a great thing to participate in....

    I have been talking with some friends about doing an event at Hurricon that the Historical Mini Gaming Society holds in the fall.

    What rules are you using? Any specific system or home grown?

  2. Styx, Not sure if you are confused by a newer post but we are in California, the link is to a spectacular game in the mid-West. I like to think both games are "shaping" up - ours being new and the midwest game being larger and better. As to rules, we are using locally concocted rules. With potentially 32 players and 6 game masters, the rules need to be as simple as possible to keep the flow going. It's all about fun creating fun for the players - and letting the game masters have some fun as well. Stay tuned for twists and turns.