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Friday, January 27, 2012

Play Test Dead Ahead - drop anchor!

It is late Friday evening and I have to get to bed soon so I can be up early for some last minute preparation before our play test on Saturday.  Yes, yes, of course I will bring along the camera so I can share what goes on.

We've now labeled all of the bases so we can sort them out a lot easier after each outing.  Hal and Mike O. helped out.  Still have to texture the bases - probably the biggest task left to be done, but hardly the only one.  Mike is also working on 60 pieces of artillery!  And Rob K. is at work on the flags for the ships, towns, and "ground" forces.  Joe R. will be tapped to paint even more figures - not sure where we'd be without his fantastic efforts.  Nils should have the field works for the play test, though perhaps not yet finished.

Panic time?  Uh, um, well, uh, um, not yet.  -gulp-

Closing in on 3800 hits?  Well, that is a big number.  Hope you are being entertained.

Later on I'll have to share the minor disaster (and damage) that did - almost - send me into panic mode.

Don't look for next post before Monday, maybe not until Tuesday.  Sunday I'm taking a day off from the whole project and spend it with my wife.  She's certainly earned that.

Until then...

The Captain rose from a silk divan
With a pistol in his fist
And shot the lock from an iron box
And a blood red ruby kissed

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