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Monday, January 30, 2012

New Maps - long promised, now delivered (I hope)

The first map is the one that will be given to all of the players at the game to help them make decisions about what they want to do during the course of the game.
The second map shows images of all of the water craft planned to be in the game.  Very careful observers will notice that there are more native boats than there were before - this is one result of the play test this past Saturday.  More on that another time, just the maps today.

Those rows of boats across the bottom of the second map are reserved for game master use at this time, but many changes are in store based on the play test.

I made the maps extra large to ease viewing but did not convert to original size out of concern that might impede your being able to study the maps.

I will share one thing for now from the play test - and a huge thanks to Charlie for suggesting this: the map will be divided into sections to facilitate movement; that's what those blue lines cutting each map into three are for.

Things be gettin' interestin'!

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