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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Two and a half days to go!

Yikes, we're almost there.  A few things to finish up tomorrow and then its load up some stuff for Friday night drop off at the convention and then - THE BIG DAY - on Saturday morning at 9 AM.  Set up much earlier than that so we start on time.

Sorry, no rules posted here yet.  And no pictures.  Will just have to wait until after the game when there should be lots of pictures.  And the rules.  Here's hoping our players have a good time and walk away at the end happy.

Winning the game is about how much 'treasure' is collected.  Prizes are a different matter altogether.  Prizes will be awarded for the following: Best Pirate Costume, Most Sporsman-(or woman)-Like Behavior, Most In Character Player, Funniest Player, and - consolation prizes these - Getting Annihilated First,  and Being Picked On The Most.  And there is one final prize that is Game Master Discretion.  This is to ensure people play to win for the fun of it, not in competition for the prizes.  We want a fun and friendly event all around.

Will we get 32 players?  Does it really matter?  As long as we get enough players to make the game happen and they - and we - have a good time, that's what is important.

Hope you've all enjoyed the ride so far and I will do my best to get an After Action Report up as soon as I can, but probably not right away.  I expect to collapse Sunday afternoon - organizer's prerogative!

Mute Parrot flying up the mast head now.

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