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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Whole Nine Yardarms?

Well, maybe not quite all nine, more like eight and a half, a little more than eight anyway.

And this is almost certainly the last post here until after the convention and an after action report.  Unless I get a chance to post the rules up - so, if you are going to be playing in the game - check back in the days before the game to see if that happens.  Or if I get enough pairs of hands to help this weekend, I might get one other post in before the game - but don't count on it.  Still too much to be done!

However, I am taking a few minutes this morning to post up some long promised photos of the "greenery" and a few other things.  One thing I do see a need to do is spray the "plant life" with some dull cote even though it looks okay in person without the sheen, mostly.  For photos that sheen comes through too strong for my taste.  Hope you still feel it looks decent.  So, without further ado, here are a whole bunch of photos with some quick comments:

A low angle view of the pirate town.
A group of pirates have crossed the water and are heading inland.
A closer shot of the rear of that intrepid column.
The boats, all 36 boats are now painted and ready for action.
A high angle shot from the opposite view showing the town with a ship approaching.  Note there are no guns yet in the gun emplacements, not delivered yet.
Some town worthies watching the approaching ship.  Do they seem nervous or anxious?

A low angled shot of the boats on the beach.
A general overview shot.  Note that there are four "islands" here from the game but being used in non-game set-up to make two islands.
Another angle of the pirate town, the only thing missing are the rats - they were drying somewhere.
Is this why there are no guns yet, the crew asleep (or hung over)?  Is that Mike there on the right?
With the island commander approaching, there is likely to be some punishment duty. (those are two of the scores of casualty figures we have available for the game)
There is the other end of the pirate column - the captain on the right seems enthusiastic.
And a shot showing more of the column following him.
Men at work and women moving about the town.  What is in those barrels?
A general overview of the town.
A shot of some of the greenery.

Front and back of the dense oblongs.  How many different kinds of "plants" can you count?

Front and back of the medium dense oblongs.

Front and back of the lightly density oblong, note the palm frond and palm log on the ground - and that these can be used as islets if so desired.
One of the large circle pieces, with palm trees.
One of the large circles without palm trees.
Large circle with dense planting but without a palm tree but with - do you recall where you saw one of the 'plants' before?
Another large circle with some colorful growth.
One of the small circles and some more color.
A greener small circle.
A surprise hiding in the town in case the ship is not friendly.
Will the column need to be recalled to defend the town?  Feel free to study the plant life and count how many species have been modeled.
One more view.
And with a sunset view.

The above two shots show the removable beaches - these are the volcanic ones, why the red sand color.  There is the sand, the surf line, the seaweed line - and some actual sea shells, very small seashells to you and I but decent sized for the "little folk."
An overhead view of the beaches, the one on the left shows the gap a bit (not pushed up tight).
Another close beach shot.
Another of the small circles that was a laggard in the shooting process.  That's ten different pieces of small terrain if I counted right with the eleventh very small circles still to finish.

And not counting the Volcano Rising: Gilderakatoa!
Yes, the skull will be part of the volcano.  Those are some not yet finished Blue Moon natives wending their way up the mountain.
Just another view.  That top disk will be removable so that other things besides a live lava bed can be put in place.  Like what?  Maybe a temple for instance.
And the last shot, at least for now, is the other side of the volcano - although in the game it will be a stand alone cliff used on Salt Water Springs Island.

Now, by Poseidon's Wrath, I really have to get busy on painting and carving and other game related needs.  Enjoy.

Anchored in an indigo moonlit bay
Gold-eyed round fires the sea thieves lay
Morning... white shells and a pipe of clay
As the wind filled their footsteps
They were far... far... away.

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