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Thursday, February 23, 2012

How to register for the game in advance!!!

So, as we get close to the Big Day, below are the steps you need to take to register in advance for our game.  Why should you do this?  Well, positions in the game will be assigned based on sign-ups.  The most coveted positions in the game will go to those who sign up first.  Which positions might that be?  I'm sure you can all figure that out on your own.  So, here are the needed steps:

1) Pay for ConQuest SAC (use link to the left to register and pay)

2) Send an email to
saying you've paid for the convention and that you want to reserve a spot (or spots) in the Pirate game.

3) Await verification and confirmation from the convention (it will be from Gabe)

Use copy and paste if you need to.  And, please, only send an e-mail if you've already paid for the convention, otherwise you might jeopardize your position in the 'hierarchy.'

It's going to be a spectacle, it's going to be fun - and I might be in a straight-jacket by then!  : )

The Captain rose from a silk divan
With a pistol in his fist
And shot the lock from an iron box
And a blood red ruby kissed
"I give you jewellery of turquoise
A crucifix of solid gold
One hundred thousand silver pieces
It is just as I foretold
You... You see there before you everything
You've ever dreamed."

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