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Thursday, February 23, 2012

"Rescuing Gina Lobsterbrigitta"

Well, we did, indeed, pass 5000 hits before the convention.  And we're up to 16 followers from all around the world.  That's cool.  Yes, the tropical plant life will be appearing soon, but patience young Grass-Chopper, waiting is until waiting is fulfilled.  I do believe the wait will be more than worth what you'll get to see.  And I guess it's at least 27 species of plants, don't have time to count it closer than that just now.

What's this about Gina?  That is the name of the scenario, "Rescuing Gina Lobsterbrigitta", and she is a principal objective in the game.  And, yes, there is a figure for her along with her two boon companions, Thursday and Bobby Stowaway.  The thing is, however, she isn't always the most cooperative creature roaming about on two fine legs.  So, not only do you have to find her, you have to get her to want to be rescued.

Now back to that greenery, I'm just wondering - when I post those photos and publicize them in the usual places - if we will get to 6000 hits by the convention?  Who knows and its not important, but we just might.  It is really, really cool.  For me, the creator of these pieces, it's like being a kid let loose with a wad of cash in a candy store and no restriction on how much I can eat!  I can sit and look at these pieces for a distractingly and enjoyably long time.  Too long!  Don't have time.  Must work.  Must.

...sixteen men, no, no, musn't talk so about Gina's 'upper torso'...   YO, HO, indeed!

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