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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Skipper, someone found a skeleton in the scuppers!

What's that, you thought I said there were no skeleton crews in our game?  Well, of course I said that.  And it's true, there aren't.  But for those who like such things - and I suspect there are one or two of you who do, here's a little something to whet your appetites:
 Pirate hunters!
 Melee crew.
 Sea witches.
 Skeleton crew.
And command with Mermaid.

I don't think the items in the background go with the figures (especially in the command pack - but maybe?).

All of the above are from Rebel Minis and Mike, the Grand Supremo of that firm, advises he hopes to have them up for sale on his site by this weekend.

Mike credits David McBride with painting these.  Of course, it is possible that some of the figures in the above photos might have a role in our little game.

As to our game, no new photos for a few more days yet but much work being done.  Only two pieces of large terrain still to be 'sanded' prior to painting.  The small terrain is well in progress.  For those who've been paying attention (ever wish you were named Attention?) you'll know there are 18 pieces of large terrain to create 16 islands - the lagoons are two piece sets.  Well, for the small terrain, there will be 72 pieces in three different sizes, 36 irregular shapes for the palm groves and 18 each of two round shapes for grasses and other tropical plant life - though there may be some bleed over from one to the other on those bases.  You will absolutely want to check back here for when the photos of the small terrain are up - pretty cool stuff; I do believe there is a special supply of envy-green paint available for those in need.

Six days off the Cuban coast 
when a sail ahead they spied
"A galleon of the treasure fleet,"
the mizzen lookout cried...

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  1. Great looking stuff. Nice to see Rebel putting out some more new figs. I linked your blog on mine diceoflegends so people can find your stuff also. Wish I was closer to where you guys are, this looks like it would be a blast to play in.