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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Troops en masse

Just a quick post this week as we move in to crunch time, only 29 days left to get everything done!  Below are some shots of the figures laid out to be seal coated - the photos are before the seal coating is put on.  The greens and browns showing on the cloth is from spraying the palm trees to give them a more 'naturalistic' look than plain, monotone plastic.  Once done here, I'm back to work on the small terrain, 72 total bases of greenery (not all of which is green!).
 The pirates are in the background, the Dutch in the foreground.
 A lower angle shot with the Dutch up front again, note the commander on horse back and the casualty figures - one for every 24 figures.
 A reverse with the pirates closer - and the five governor vignettes on the left.
 The French governor with pirates behind.
 An overhead of the British governor.
The French governor.
 I do believe that is the pirate "governor."
 The Dutch governor.
 And the Spanish governor.
 If you look closely you'll see a group of women in colorful outfits - they are piratical women: what they do with their time I'll leave to your imagination.  Of course, the children are innocent!
 Here the French get the foreground, the British and Spanish further back.
 And the other way around.
A lower angled shot.  The French casualties have not yet been delivered by their painter but expected soon.

By the way, the table is 2 1/2' wide and 6' long, just to put things in perspective.

Not seen in the above photos are the native troops I am still finishing up or any of the game master troops that are still in the painting que (yeah, I know, time grows short.  Yeah, I KNOW!  eek!)

48 figures per command, plus two casualty figures, plus for each nation a governor vignette and a commander stand, plus one extra command for the pirates, that's French, British, Dutch, Spanish, and Pirates - twenty-six commands in the photos above.  You do the math!


"Spare us," the galleon begged
but mercy's face had fled
Blood ran from the screaming souls
the cutlass harvested

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