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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Rebellion in the sea!

Just a quick note to thank Mike of Rebel Minis.  I ordered some of his new pirate range and will try and have them ready for the game less than a month away.  He graciously consented to providing prizes and sent along two of the skeleton armies, one for each of the game's outings.  Not only that, but he sent the whole along priority mail!  So, a big thanks to you Mike.

By the way, the figures are nice and crisp and clean with minimal flash and will prep for painting very easily.  Nice looking figures.  The only down side is this means more work to get done - I love the challenge.  Or, is it that challenges love me?

Also will have a pack or two of artillery as prizes for the game, or so it seems at this moment.

Photos are not ready yet but all of the large terrain pieces are complete and look good to my eye.  Hope to have most, if not all, of the small terrain done tomorrow or the next day.  Then only need to finish the volcano and the separate beaches.

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