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Monday, July 30, 2012

Pacificon is WHEN!?

Yeah, only another month to go and it will be time for Pirates of the Carob Bean Sea to see the light of day again.  And expect the game to look and play a lot different than last time.  I'm sorting out a new scenario and there will be LOTS of action on land - as well as at sea.  Don't know if I will have time to get some new terrain finished (I'm hoping) and get the rest of the natives ready (I'm planning).  Will also tinker a bit a bit with the rules if time permits.  But what matters most is a rollicking good time.  And, remember, the best prize goes to the best dressed pirate!

For those familiar with Wingnuts spectacular game in 28 mm that appears in the midwest (there is a link to your left), I'm thinking it might be fun to borrow a page from him and the guy in France.  Perhaps in the future we can combine collections of others, be it a ship, a crew, an island, or a whole table setup, to create one whopping big event.  If they can do what they do in 28 mm, just imagine what we can do in 15 mm!  If you are interested, post a note in the comments section (I think you have to be a follower to do that - don't remember just now) and I'll start trying to figure out the logistics.  We are in northern California area, close to Sacramento but it does not have to be in Sacramento - though that would be a lot easier on me to make it happen.

And more boats are on their way - no, not ships, boats.  Going forward, I want a lot of focus on land action.  I didn't get over a thousand figures painted for nothing!  Nearer two thousand when all is said and done.

Yo, Joe!  (is that a hint? or am i just being obscure?)

I really need to get some nice pictures up to get your attention, don't I?

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