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Monday, July 9, 2012

Success, "What's In A Name?", and Oh-oops!

The last of that first, the oops, has to do with the corners, instead of mirror images I made two the same but - upon careful review of this blog I realized it wasn't an oops after all but part of the carefully laid plan.  The success comes from having completed all twelve new pieces of terrain - completed there assembly that is, still need to sand, cut and glue foam, glue on texture pieces, glue on sand, and paint.  One step at a time - and assembly was a very important step.

As to the name, well one of the pieces was a long island and/or ridge and it got a name in the process, at least as a ridge: Smellhigh Ridge.  To better understand that, you'll want to utilize the link to the left and go Steeplechasing Zebras and then click on the Indian Mutiny tab which I will be going to shortly, but with a quick detour under the Steeplechasing tab, also name related.

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