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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Whew, we did it. Again.

Yes, round two for our little game being run at a convention is now behind us.  Will be photos up as soon as I get some time to do so.  For now, just let me say that we had sign ups for all 32 possible players - though I believe we topped out at 28 players who actually showed up to play.  And by the end of the game we'd lost some which is not unusual in any game at a convention and no surprise in this large of a game.

The most fun element for me was walking in Sunday morning on game day after getting the terrain all set up Saturday night (it is 12' wide and 24' long, after all) and finding a variety of small animals that someone decided needed to be in our game.  For the heck of it, I added them in to player objectives.  I heard that the "guilty" couple was pleased as punch I'd done so.  Didn't get there names but thanks, Mr. and Mrs. Mohawk-do Man!

Lots of work, lots of being tired - but lots of fun, too.  More when I get up the pictures.

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