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Monday, August 27, 2012

Ship ahoy!

Um, sorry, no.  Just some photos of the most recently completed terrain - the pieces that will allow a four foot wide by nineteen foot long island to appear in the game.  Won't be the only island, just the biggest.

The first few photos show the terrain with only the first green - though all four browns - applied.  In the first photo is one of the small items already completed for the games first outing.  You can't see all the pieces in this shot, some are out of view.  But you can see some figures if you look real careful, in 15 mm of course.
 These next two shots show all the new pieces laid out with only the last two greens to go.
 Above, the two closest on the left, are not for this game and will be staying home but the other six large pieces will go, as will the four smaller ones seen below mixed in with...
The shot immediately above shows all fifteen of the "wedding cake" hills in this batch.  The other thirty lurk quietly in a storage closet in a nice chocolate brown coating.
The closest items to furthest left and furthest right are the peninsula and 'non'-peninsula extensions and then there is Longy Island and Surprise Island - but don't be surprised if they are called something different in the game.

Now, for those of you who like a challenge - can you count all fifteen of the wedding cake hills in that last photo?  Yes, all fifteen are there.  And, yes, this shot is of the finished pieces, all eight colors applied - not counting the sand under the paint.

Do you need a hint, do ya, hunh, do ya?

Nope, ain't givin' ya one.  Least ways, not one ya ain't already got.

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