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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Wedding cakes and dressing 27...Whoa! What?

Yo, no, say it ain't so; you ain't done gone and fallen into the sticky chicky flicky world have you, Curmudgeon-in-Chief, now have you?

Well, of course not, perish the thought.  What those scary words refer to is wedding cake hills and working on twenty-seven pieces of terrain today, set 'dressing' if you will.  Yes, there are photos in the camera but after twelve hours in the August heat I'm heading for the showers and taking some rest tonight.  And, by the by, not all of the twenty-seven pieces worked on today were wedding cake hills.  I made progress on fifteen of those (well, more but all I did was spray coat them so I'm not counting those) and the twelve additional pieces of pirate specific terrain.  I cut out and glued down the textures and then spread more than a gallon of glue and about thirty pounds of sand on top of that.

Tomorrow is all about base coat of paint.  If all goes well, by Saturday morning I will be ready for the dancing paint brush routine - if I don't get started on that sooner.

Two weeks from today and the pirate game is on.  Aieeeee!  Panic, run around willy nilly bouncing into walls.  Oh, wait.  This isn't a cartoon, maintain your calm decorum and drive forward.

Yeah, right.

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