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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The above map, not to be relied upon for accuracy - the map maker was several sheets to the wind and surrounded by empty rum flagons, purports to point the way towards large and spectacular treasures.  Well, if you can discern the formula to reveal the invisible ink - and do it without destroying the parchment it be drawn on.

What you see on the left is the large Isle de Carob.  To the top right is Turtle Island and the two lesser Shipwreck Reefs.  To the lower right is Gilderakatoa and the Rocks of Runes and Ruins.  And in the center is the larger Little Boucane and the long and narrow Komo Do and the smaller Surprise Island.

All of these will appear in the game at Pacificon but two weekends away.  Just to give a sense of scale, Isle de Carob is about four feet wide, though that varies with bays and inlets and peninsulas, and nineteen feet long.  The other islands are not strictly to scale but are approximations of what will be seen.

Much of these are made and some are under construction.  Here are a few photographs to wet your appetites:
 Are your eyes good enough to count the twelve different pieces seen above?
 This view shows the peninsula in place and the bay and inlet pieces on the other side.  And further back are the paired 'corner' sets.
 Here is the same as above but with the "non" peninsula piece in place.  In the middle ground between the corner sets are a couple of new stand alone islands.
 No, that is not winter scenery but wedding cake hills covered in sand as it dries in place.
 I worked on fifteen of the forty-five pieces of wedding cakes hills I am moving towards completion - they will be painted to match the pirate terrain, though little if any of these will be used in the pirate game.
 Here is some of the new pieces with the first brown coat done.
And a quick shot of the others drying in the sun beside the pool.  No, I don't test the islands in the pool to see if they float!

Now back to scenario design.

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