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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Beach, beach, beach - is that all you can do?

Well, no, but I've made a decision on how to do the beaches.  I spent yesterday cutting out the main forms for the various islands for the game (over 200 feet of wandering jigsaw cuts) and along the way changed my mind about how to do the beaches.  I was going to make them in a reverse stair step to match the island structures but abandoned that because it would just add too much work not to mention additional expense.  However, since I'm making the terrain for this game in such a way as to give it utility beyond the game, I still want the beaches to be separate so the "islands" don't always look "oceanic."  Then today my wife wanted to go visit some craft store for her crocheting hobby and while in one I found some nice large - and thick - sheets of cork and it hit me: I can use the cork cut to match the curves along the islands and glue on sand and other "beachy" items I've been collecting.  A simple and affordable solution to a challenge.  Hope to have Work-In-Progress photos as I start the assembly and texturing process.

And now for a couple of photographs of the Dutch army being painted by club member and friend, George Gardea.  As many of you know, macro photography comes with some challenges and unfortunately many of George's photos came through too much out of focus to post here (but I can see he's making excellent progress).  So, here are a couple of ones that show part of what he's working on - and a nice view of his well used hobby work station.  Alas, they don't show much of the orange theme for the Dutch but they look pretty good.

Next photo will be of terrain, or more likely of the pile of materials for the terrain, islands in the raw if you will.

One thing this project has convinced me of is that professional model makers need to be well rewarded for their efforts - it takes a lot of material and tools even before you get to the talent (hope I have some!) to create top notch terrain.  Until next post...

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