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Thursday, November 3, 2011

A few samplings and a Sense Of Scale (SOS ?)

So, the above photo shows some of the gathered materials.  The roll at the back is the Great Canvas still in its wrapper - 6' wide and 24 (or is it 25) yards long.  In front of that are four gallons of paint to color the canvas.  And then there are some sample cards for the various colors of paint selected for the project - the "Artist's" palette, if you will.  The orange bucket is filled with 50 pounds of sand.  And there is a small sample pot of paint and a bit of styrofoam used to test some techniques.  And between the brown and green color cards is a piece of wood used to test out the sand as texture.  And all of this sits on a sample bit of canvas painted with the Montana paints - abandoned as way too expensive as mentioned earlier.
This is a close up of the colors chosen to paint the great canvas, four different blues to represent deepest to shallowest and white to give some tops to the waves (and the leftover white to paint up the base for the wife's Xmas village).  I might, if I can find the right one, add a blue-green into the mix between the darkest and next tone of blue.
And here are the browns on top and the greens on bottom - with the sand texture test strip.  Almost certainly, many of you will not get a clear sense of color as a result of the way different computers translate color.  I can only assure you that the selection works for my 'eye' and should give some nice results.  Or, I can so hope.
And this photo is to just give you a sense of scale of the what size the final board will be.  From the front edge where you can see the shadow of the camera touch the canvas to those white cabinets in the background is 24' (the first cut of the canvas) and, of course, 6' wide.  The left background is a 2' x 4' and two inch thick piece of insulation foam that is the approximate size of the 5 largest islands.  And on the right is one of the ships for the game.
From closer in to see the 'far end' of things.  There is a spray of plastic plants to the left of the sytrofoam and to the right are four buidlings and a strip of figures and a barrel pile.  And the ship sitting off shore about 3' away.
And, finally, a reverse shot showing the canvas going out into the bright autumn sun.

Hope this helps you visualize what we are up to here in Scrubyward Isle-ville.  Speaking of, when done here on this computer, I'm off to the other one to work on the long promised revised map.  If I get it done in time, I will post it today.  Enjoy.

Have you registered yet (without the fee anymore!)?  Register early to ensure yourself a place in the game.  The momentum is building strong.

You do remember the overall size of the game, right?  What you just saw above is only one half of the game board to be!

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