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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

So, a little work will get done today and maybe some tomorrow (wife's Xmas village will be interrupting pirate progress some this long weekend but a small price to pay for the other time being devoted to this project.).

Took delivery on the entire pirate town figures and pirate crews from Joe R. earlier this week and they look quite good.  Will get some additional photos up as soon as I have time.

And an aside on painting the Great Canvas: Monday I painted the first color on one of the 6' x 24' untreated lengths of canvas, used latex house paint - love the color.  However, and this was not unexpected based on research into the process, the canvas shrunk 2" in width and 15" in length.  The loss of width is inconsequential since we've already gone from 60" in the original plan to 72" - well, now 70".  A little more bothered by the loss of length because this means having a seam on each of the two tables but by painting the extra pieces (got an extra yard out of the 24' yard piece, as in 25 yards, which will be cut in half) the same colors at the same time as the two main canvasses it should be minimally noticeable...what is that quote about plans work right up until contact is made?  Will plan accordingly when I paint the extra piece for another project in the future.  And so it goes.

Hope you have a great holiday!

The Mute Parrot

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