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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Frustrations and Explorations

I'm working on a simple map that shows the layout of The Scrubyward Isles in scale and will try and post it over the next few days if I can get it to translate to this blog.  We'll see how it goes; it is on a different and older computer but one must always hope.  I suppose if worst comes to worst, I can print it out, photograph it, and publish the photograph - as soon as I learn how to include photos here.

I went by my new favorite art supply source, Utrecht, and bought some cans of spray paint and canvas to start experimenting with creating the "water cloth" for the game.  The brand of paint is Montana, their 94 range, and apparently originally designed for graffiti artists (go figure!) but this range is good for portraiture, low pressure aerosol cans.  What I really like about the range of paints is its color palette, some nice vibrant pastels (is there such a thing?) that look like they will help create in reality what I see in my head.  Only challenge is that it is expensive at almost eight dollars a can.  I tried it out briefly and it does seem to allow strong control - and comes with replaceable tips for even better control.  More experimenting ahead.

In an earlier post I touched on why 15 mm (besides that's what I've been collecting for a dozen years to reach this project) and did a little more calculating of the planned table space in comparison to doing it in 28 mm. [a great link for those who haven't seen it yet:
just awesome work]
What you see at the link is two tables at 8' x 28' each - hopefully, if you look around long enough.  Well, my game (our game) is going to be two tables at 5' x 24'.  By my very approximate calculation, it would take two tables at 9.25' x 44.75' to do that in the larger scale.  So, we have Pirates of the Carob Bean Sea game (unrelated to other things by the same name - I discovered today) which will take up 240 square feet of table space versus 827.875 square feet.  That's almost three and a half times as much table space!

I've also placed two orders for some additional items needed for the game from a couple of suppliers and asked one to include some items for the prizes.  No response yet and may not know until the order arrives on my doorstep or in my mailbox; there's that hope thing going on again.

Pretty soon I'm going to have to create a schedule of what needs to be done when to keep things on track.  This is a Very Large Project.  Good thing there are people helping or I'd need help - the psychological kind!  Did someone out there say it's already too late for that last?  Oh, the nerve.

I hope to provide at least one update a week here but will try and do more if I have the time.  For those involved in the project locally who are following this blog, feel to forward me photographs or other visuals related to our game to share here.  And feel free to give me guidance on how to do things in the "blogosphere" to improve the quality of input and to make it more fun for our followers.  Did you notice?  We have at least one public follower already.  Yee-haw and ravenous fishes.  Is that a hint of some of the game's hazards?  Hmm.


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  2. Well, that was too bloody easy to make it into a link. Learning is a good thing. Ain't Google grand?