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Thursday, September 22, 2011

A First Photograph to test out how it works

So, here is an experiment with posting a photograph I already have on hand showing some figures that will actually be used in the game - though granted unpainted except for some primed and ready to paint.

The group on the left are Irregular Miniatures African figures from their colonial range, the ones in the middle are from Blue Moon's pirate range, and the ones on the right are from Rebel Minis Pulp range, the last for a different game entirely.

Let's see how this photograph thing works out?  Here we go...


  1. Well, I guess it worked out and you can also click on the image for a larger view. That last just might encourage some extra effort in the painting department to make the figures look better when seen in the larger view.

    Also, this is a test of the Comment feature to ensure it is working before this blog gets opened up to a wider auidence.

  2. Yes, it works - and I already like the Blue Moon ladies!