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Sunday, September 25, 2011

What's New - Or Not

Well, I had to work on Saturday and spend time with the wife today (and watch my team win in the NFL!) but did not get much else done on the pirate project, especially not the photos of the ships I want to post here.  But I did get to try out the practice canvas and the Montana 94 paints and they will work out very, very well.  So well, in fact, that I plan to create a photo base and back drop for taking those pictures of the ships.  I also acquired some more mangrove trees yesterday along with a little something to be held back for now - can't have you knowing everything otherwise how can I ruin your carefully laid gaming plans on the Big Day?  Or at least ruffle your parrot's feathers?  Aargh!

I'm thinking the biggest prize in the game should be for the player with the best pirate costume!  What do you think?  Use the comment box to post your reply.  I believe that will work so let's give it a test.

Our painting crew is hard at work on figures and buildings.  Our rules are being constructed.  The terrain is formulating - one of the decisions that has been made is to build all the terrain specific to the game, or most of it, so that it can be matched up with another piece of terrain to be used differently in other games.  I also decided to build at least one extra piece that won't be used in the game but will allow additional options for future scenarios.

I do need to recruit a couple of assistant terrain builders though I think I can do most of it on my own.  More soon.

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