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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Paying Homage

Since none of us came to miniature gaming without some form of influence, I feel it right to pay homage to those who influenced me.  Two names that will be incorporated into Pirates of the Carob Bean Sea are Jack Scruby's and Peter Gilder's.  You've heard of the windward isles and the leeward isles (or, you should have) but have you heard of the Scrubyward Isles?  Well, now you have and once they're built there will be photos so you can see what they look like.  Make no mistake, the inhabitants of these wistful isles are not always clear on their geography.  Thus we have the local volcanic hazard by the name of Gilderakatoa.  And beware of those rocks known as the Feather Stones.  He might not be as well known as those luminaries, but my late friend Tony Mark must find a place here.  Beware the Tones emanating from the Mark Mangroves!  Oh, stop your groaning, its the best I can shoehorn in.  And, yes, there will be a mangrove swamp on one of the islands - with mangroves.  Doh!

Laughter will be one of the elements used to judge how well the game succeeds.  Lots of laughter from the players and the game will be accounted a great success.  We are supposed to be having fun, aren't we?

Someone remind me and my crew when we're a week away from Game Day and the paint and plaster isn't dry yet that we are having fun.  Hopefully next post or two will have some photos because I know that's what you really want - visuals.

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