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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

So, What is this huge game, then?

Well, how nice of you to ask because I've just been itching to tell someone all about it.

The game, titled the same as this blog, is designed for two tables at 5' x 24' each and with 5 separate towns plus a couple of native villages and a variety of other eventful places.  There will be over 1600 figures in the game and besides pirates there will be naval vessels of several nations, privateers, merchant ships, native craft, and some surprises to be revealed later.  What there won't be are any ships crewed by skeletons (sorry to disappoint that part of the audience) but there will be the odd skeleton hanging about - literally.  The game is set loosely sometime in the 1700's and no more precise than that; it's not so much a game of historical miniatures as it is an adventure game in miniature or what I like to call HAG Gaming, as in Historical Adventure Gaming with miniatures.

And I've coined a term for this type of game, this large with this many game masters to help keep the flow of the game in motion throughout the event on the Big Day.  And that is, wait for it, Extravaganza Gaming.

One element some people might take issue with is that the game is using 15 mm figures.  Well, while I'm tempted to taunt you with "get over it," I'll just ask you to imagine how big a space it would take to do such a large game with the bigger figures plus the cost and logistics of it.  Pirate games do not have to be a small scale skirmish event.  It can be a true Spectacle; and that's decidedly what we are after here.

Beware of looking into the inky depths, you might fall in and find the water is warm and the local natives friendly.  Who is that lass in the grass skirt and wearing such a bright smile?

Oh, don't you want to know, lad?  Stay tuned.

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