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Monday, September 26, 2011

We stub our toe, we learn, and we hobble forward.

So, I guess you are all having trouble viewing the map which is a shame because it is pretty cool.  I will continue to explore options on how to make it so you can see it.  This morning my order for a bunch of figures from the new Blue Moon Deepest Darkest Africa range was called in by our local hobby shop and I should have the figures in two to three weeks - this should provide all the figures for the two native villages, and maybe a few surprises here and there.  Have two more orders to place to have everything for the game, figures wise.  Terrain will be a big push soon.

It may take until the weekend before I get a chance to photograph the ships and start posting them here.  I know, visuals, visuals, visuals.  Rome wasn't sacked in a day, you know?  Or, was it?

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