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Friday, September 30, 2011

Listening to the audience

In response to some constructive critiques about the design of this site I've tried making some changes that I hope will make it easier to read.  Let me know how it works out.  Also, I'm waiting with baited Pirate breath (hold your nose and pass a mint) as to whether the new map shows up for you all or not.  If it does and it's just too small I can try making it one step larger.

I'm excited to know at least two of three orders of items for the game are winging there way towards me.  And that's not counting the 6' x 72' canvas I ordered yesterday to create the ground cloths.  That will be cut into three pieces 24' long each and one will be in reserve for some later project and the other two will get painted for this great event.

And if the photo issue is resolved I can really start going to town with posting images as we get them - or I create them.  Now, then I have a date with a jar of acrylic gloss medium...


  1. The remaining problem is that the text moves with regard to the background when one scrolls down (or up) and when it comes in front of a dark blue background, black letters become really hard to read...

  2. Agree with abdul666 - it is next to impossible to read.
    A case of less is possibly more.