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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Ships, ah...ships, ah...ships? Ahem.

Sorry, no ships yet but the wife is happy because I spent a lot of time with her despite all the money being spent on this game.  I hope you find that a worthy trade off.  As to the ships, well, keeping her happy deprived me of time to take the needed photographs - but don't despair, they will appear.

And having heard some additional input - some of which was a bit confusing because clearly some of you are seeing very different colors than I see when designing - I've tried some additional tweaks to the site's design that, hopefully, will make it easier to read.  Though the colors are different for some of us, it finally penetrated my occasionally thick skull (I guess that's a good thing for a pirate?) what was being said about the "dark background."  Hope these changes help.

Now I have to go sort out some surprises - an order arrived yesterday - for the players (did I say anything, anything at all, about unpleasantness?).

I know, I know: photographs.

Shh, you'll wake the wife.

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