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Saturday, October 15, 2011

The Blogger Beast Strikes Again! Arrgh!

So, normally when I post a photo you can click on it and it enlarges.  Apparently, this time - for no known reason, though maybe it just does it automatically at some photo count (8 in last post) - it turned the photos into a slide show without the click and enlarge option.  I'm hoping for photos of the finished figures soon - if not the actual figures themselves, along with the entire Spanish town.  Once I have those, I will get photos of them posted and endeavor to have them so you can enlarge the photos for better views.

Much good progress on our project.  Pirates are fun, pirates are fun - keep reminding me of this as the this project snowballs.  (shh, actually, I'm having fun - just that nerve thing as some things go right and some things go wrong.  but that's part of the fun, right?)

Now I have to go work in the yard or the Chief Wench of the Household will not be happy.

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