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Sunday, October 9, 2011

A first look at some of the buildings

Since photos keep the interest up and entertain the masses, here are some shots of some of the buildings and other 'strutctures.'  These happen to be for the Spanish town, painted by Mike O'Brien, the man, along with the late Scott Hayes, who started the local club that is making this game possible by pitching in to help out - we just celebrated our 25th anniversary earlier this year.  I especially like the job he did on the barrel pile (from Peter Pig's pirate range).  If you look closely you'll see there are hungry wharf rats looking for a meal.  I believe the first building is a JR Miniatures one and the second building is either from Stone Mountain or Musket Miniatures (I think).

Next up in another post will some of the "raw" materials for the terrain to give an idea of the diversity of flora to be found in and about The Scrubyward Isles.  Enjoy.

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