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Friday, October 14, 2011

First photo of figures - in process - and some more buildings

These photos are of one of the pirate crews, in process of being painted by the very talented Joe Riddle, our clubs go to painter of choice and a fine member of the club (though he seems to favor strange beasty sort of things for his own games, but man he paints them well; no doubt doing complete 'historical' research.).  I'm reasonably certain most, if not all, of these figures come from the fine folks at Blue Moon Manufacturing.
You can see how the figures will be based and the basic minimum size of any players contingent of figures.  Some players may have an extra stand or two as befits their lofty status (or delusions of grandeur!)

And here are a couple of more buildings from Mike for the Spanish town.  Hope to have the whole town photographed as a group and posted some time next week.  I really like how he did the red and black striping on the doors of the one building.  The church was just a dollar store find or maybe even a swap meet.  The other building I'm unsure of but it might be from JR Miniatures, maybe Hovels, just don't remember.

As to some of those things in the background on Mike's painting table - you'll just have to ask him - not part of our game!  Now just who has that fat little padre in their painting contingent?  And why is he afraid of the Epee-Kureans, one of the local native tribes?  That would be the friar's fear, not our gallant painters - heros every one.

Remember, if you click on the photo you should get a larger view and be able to see more detail.   Enjoy - and don't be afraid of the pirate crew, unless you happen to see them in your neighborhood...

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  1. Looks good, but the photos are really teeeny tiny. I'd love to see bigger photos, so I could really see your work!

    I need to work on my BM pirates. Can't wait to see what you're doing with them.