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Monday, October 24, 2011

And now for something a little greener...again

Here are some photos of a product I found at a local craft store (Michael's) in the silk flower department (I didn't get the memo about silk flowers now being made out of plastic but apparently it is now the case) that I will be using for grass tufts, tropical and elephant.  The big stem sells for about $5 but I bought most of mine on sale.  As you can see in the photos, one stem yields a lot of tufts, I think I counted 98 - and I bought at least 6, maybe 8 stems.  The young lady in the photo is The Boss and you are instructed to say "Yes, ma'am" to all of her requests - or suffer the consequences!  : )
The stem as bought above and spread apart below.
The label so you can identify the SKU:
And being pulled apart and arranged:
And here are the tufts from a single stem:
Since it was late I didn't pull out a stand of figures for scale comparison but The Boss' hands should give some sense - she's 5'2" but no eyes of blue.  Large grass for 15 mm, tall as some figures, taller than most - that's why Elephant grass.  For those of you with "Large Figure Disease" they'll make really nice grass tufts.  -- oh, calm down, I'm just kidding about the large figure disease; by the way, how is your back from all that heavy lifting?--  Careful observers will have noted that the tufts come in various tones and shades of green, not the normal plastic monotone, which makes it just that more appealing.

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