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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Here a palm, there a palm, everywhere a lot of palm trees.

I've amassed over 400 palm trees and a great many of them will be used in this game (though based in such a way as to also have utility in other games).  Here are some more greenery photos.  The third photo are of toy 'flat' palm trees that I will probably use in the towns.  The last photo shows some trees outside of the box that came in a board game of some sort.  They are really cool and I will have to come up with a special use for them (or have I already got something up my cavernous sleeves?).
This next photo is of a textured felt I found at Michael's, comes in a couple of colors, that makes for a nice stony ground effect.  Will be using this in this game and others.  Personally, I think this stuff is a great way to represent in two dimensions (the groundcloth): the third dimension of sunken ground.
This is just a halloween hill, comes three to a set, that was on sale at Michael's, part of their Lemax stuff, that may - or may not - be used in the pirate game.  But cool for others to know its out there, quick and easy terrain at a good price - and very light weight.
And you can never have enough lichen and reindeer moss, etc.  The long green things with the red tags will be used to represent seaweed.
Well, that's it for now.  Keep checking back for additional updates - and the revised map.

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