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Monday, September 26, 2011

Here is the promised map of The Scrubyward Isles

Below is the map that shows the basic table setup.  While the islands are somewhat stylized - they won't be rectangular but have a more irregular coastline - they are pretty closely to scale.  The ship images, however, are only approximations to scale but do give an idea of the density of ships on the table (as in plenty of room for ships to move around in and not all cluster together); the native boats are definitely over scale.  And, no, the two ships on the reefs are not an error, one is a shipwreck and the other is being careened.

The images around the islands are just for fun; or are they hints of some sort?  I have no intention of revealing anything at this time, maybe not until the day of the game.  Sneaky, ain't I?

Remember, the game is designed for two tables of the same size so the short edges on each table are 5 feet and the long edges 24 feet with an 8 foot space between them.  Yeah, it's a really big game, an Extravaganza.

So, how'd I get the draw program to translate?  I had to save it as a JPEG and then copy it in an e-mail to myself and then come to this computer and do a copy and paste action.  The image did lose some of its crispness and clarity.  I tried doing it as a Quicktime image but that wouldn't show here in the blog- even though I can view it just fine.  Just as well because many people may not have Quicktime capabilities on their computers.

Without further ado:

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